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Learn how to buy a foreclosure

Learn how to buy a foreclosure
  1. Buying a Home at a Bargain Price
  2. The Home Buying Process
  3. Market Value vs. Fair Value
  4. Can You Get a Bargain Home?
  5. Buying Homeownership vs. Investment
  6. A Word about Risk
  7. Buying Out of Season
  8. For Sale by Owner
  9. Reasons for the Low Price: Seller, House or Neighborhood
  10. Inspecting the Property
  11. Why Banks Do Not Want to Own Real Estate
  12. Reasons Why Homes Are Repossessed
  13. Sold to the Highest Bidder!
  14. Should You Work with an Agent?
  15. Sales Contracts
  16. Contract Negotiations
  17. Condominium Properties
  18. Financing Foreclosure Properties
  19. Your Credit Rating
  20. Making Repairs to the Property
  21. Tax Lien Certificates
  22. Property Management
  23. “As Is” Condition
  24. Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure

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