North Dakota Foreclosure Laws

In the state of North Dakota the lender is required to give the borrower who is in default a notice of at least 30 days stating the lender’s intent to foreclose on the defaulted property. This notice has to be sent to the borrowers via registered or certified mail and it also has to be sent at least 90 days prior to the actual filing of suit against the borrower.

This notice of the intent to foreclose has to contain a description of the property, the original date of the mortgage and amount of that mortgage, itemized amounts of principal and interest delinquent and taxes paid by the lender if applicable to the case, and the statement that suit will be filed if not paid within 30 days.

If the borrower has not made good on the loan and is still in default after the 30 day period then the lawsuit will go forward and there will be a court ordered decree for the foreclosure of the property.

If it does indeed go into a foreclosure sale due to the borrower not making loan current then the sheriff or a deputy of the county in which the property is located will conduct the sale of the property. The actual sale can be stopped or avoided by the borrower paying the delinquent amount of the loan plus the foreclosure costs prior to the court confirming the sale to another party.

The time frame to complete the foreclosure here is approximately ninety days.

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